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Sit. Stay. Learn.

Hey there—I’m SpeedDog, the DoggoneExpress mascot. Wanna know why I have wheels for feet? Read on!

How old are you?

DoggoneExpress and I were born in 2006, so you might say we’re seniors, although only one of us has gray hair.

Who leads your pack?

Our chief’s name is Bill Barse, but most people call him Mr. Bill. When hurricane trouble strikes and the local animals need to zip out on my speedy feet, he guides everyone to safety. Mr. Bill tells some pretty funny jokes, but mostly he trains my shelter friends to be their best selves so they can get a forever home.


Who else is in your pack? 

We have a gang of people and partners who love the animals of New Orleans as much as Mr. Bill. 


So, what do you do all day?

Well, some days I go to prison to train with inmates, other days I go to train service dogs for returning soldiers and people with physical or emotional needs. And sometimes I get to hang out with younger kids who might be having a little trouble at school or home. 


Any last words?

Yep! Keep track of me and all the great work we do here. If I’m a good boy, please reward me with treats...or as you humans call them, donations! Or, you can take me shopping at Chewy. Thanks for the support!

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