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Dog Training - Rayburn

THE BIG HOUSE TO YOUR HOUSE hosts basic and service dog training programs in Rayburn Correctional Center and we're soon restarting the program in Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (LCIW). Dogs with basic training have a better chance of being adopted long-term, and short-term inmates receive skills they can use upon release. Typically, trained service dogs can cost between $8,000–40,000, but we proudly pair our service dogs with those in need for a donation to offset our costs ($150 recommended but not required).

The inmates selected for the training program are called C.A.T.S. (Canine Assessment Training Staff), and they are responsible for their dog 24/7. One of the program’s main requirements is providing daily written assessments of their dog’s journey and training progress. 

Program Highlights
  • Over 600 dogs have been through the program since inception 

  • Dogs have been placed with adults and children who suffer from PTSD, depression, autism, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), deafness and blindness 

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